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Precious You!

May 31, 2011

Have you ever woken up one morning feeling like you had no right being here? You felt that you had no place in this world, let alone the society you happened to be living in. Nobody appreciated you. Nobody ever noticed the things you did. Nobody ever had a kind or comforting word to say to you, and on and on your day would go, along similar lines. I know we have all had one of those mornings, one of those days, when we felt like an insignificant little insect, or less than an insect (whatever that is). But, do you know, you really belong here. You are here for a reason, for a purpose – a great purpose. Or else, why would you be here? You must be here to do something! You only have to find out what it is. You just have to look deep within yourself to see what you need to see. And when you find it, something magical, yes magical, will happen to you. You will bloom, you will glow, you will shine brighter and brighter with each passing day, because you will have found that Divine spark within you, that is YOUR SPARK, that is YOUR SHINE, that can only fit YOU! It has always been about YOU, PRECIOUS YOU. If you haven’t found your spark yet, start looking. BE TRUE TO YOU!


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